Clean and Green Home - How to achieve a greener house environment?

Clean and Green Home – How to achieve a greener house environment?

Today the air becomes more and more polluted and the world full of harmful emissions. So keeping greener as much as possible our spaces helps our own well-being and contributes to world environmental welfare.

The Cleaning industry must take a big participation of this mission. From manufacturer’s cleaning products to everyday consumers, using eco friendly cleaning products.

Choose Organic-cleaning materials:

Today you can find many organic everyday cleaning products on the market each with specific cleaning purpose from floor cleaner to oven cleaner.

Reuse sponges and clothes:

Do not throw the sponges, clothes, etc after each cleaning. Instead wash, dry and reuse them for as long as possible. This will help our greener environmental health and save you money.

Reuse plastic bottles and bags:

You can buy a bigger tube with cleaning detergent and refill into the same smaller bottle every time you need. This will reduce the BPA affect, which is the chemical found in plastic bottles and bags. This chemical element has killing impact over our planet and by reducing the usage of products with BPA will increase the life of humans, animals and plants.

Use steam-cleaning technology:

In the past few years steam-cleaning machines for variety type of cleaning became more popular than ever.

Steam cleaning technology could be used for:

-hard floors;

-carpets, rugs;



sink, shower rooms, bath tubes, oven, etc;

-ceramics, steel, stone, hard plastic, chrome, etc;

Please consider steam method, when needed any cleaning for the mentioned above. Steam cleaning may use only hot water extractor and avoid any hard chemicals. It is recommended to use steam cleaning more frequent at least three times a year to avoid build ups of heavy dirt anywhere at your home or working place. In this case you will contribute to your own health and planet lifespan by avoiding the use of cleaning chemicals and go only for the steam process.




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