Do you need End of Tenancy Cleaning?

Do you need End of Tenancy Cleaning?

When you rent a premise a private property or commercial space, at one point you need to move out. There are few things you need to consider first!

Would you be able to do the cleaning yourself?

Would you need a proper deep End of Tenancy Cleaning?

It is a matter of willingness and availability of the tenant to decide and do the cleaning on his own. One End of Tenancy Cleaning for a small property let say one bedroom apartment would take 7-8 working hours by inexperienced person. At first it may looks simple task to do a cleaning, but thorough cleaning requires some training and experience. By selecting the right cleaning materials through time management and satisfactory results, it is a bit tough time.

However if you decide to go for a professional cleaning service you should start seeking for a company earlier to avoid late disappointment. You need to book the cleaning if possible done the last day of your tenancy contract. It means it is not good idea to do the cleaning days before you leave and continue living there after. It is because you will need to use most facilities again. Try to avoid this, as the cleaning will not look as good as immediately after it is done.

Here it comes what exactly you need from the cleaning company. Most professional cleaning companies will have service coverage task lists visible to their customers. Please check carefully what it is included in the service, most companies have standard task lists. Take a pen and paper and go around the property. Make a list with particular cleaning issues you have. Most of them will be included in the cleaning service, as most companies’ task lists are very comprehensive and detailed. If you need something that is not included in the cleaning they may charge you additionally if they agree to do it for you.

Better option is to request the cleaning company to provide you with cleaning chemicals for the service. They know better which chemicals work best and may use specific chemicals that you could not find on the high street supermarkets.

Another issue with the option of using professional cleaning company is they may offer another type of services you need to book too. For example most of Victorian properties still have carpets. And carpets are always related with stains and smell.

You may want to combine End of Tenancy Cleaning with professional carpet steam cleaning. Steam cleaning usually has very good results on carpets and upholstery.

Very important issue at the end of the cleaning and before the cleaners leave your property is to have someone to check the work, the cleaning operatives wont mind to re-do anything that they have missed.

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