How often should we clean our Kitchen and Kitchen Appliances?

How often should we clean our Kitchen and Kitchen Appliances?

Our kitchen is the most important room in the house, which is crucial to be kept clean at all the time. Normally the kitchen is the premise where the food is prepared, which attracts most bacteria’s, germs sometimes bugs and mice/rats. The kitchen is also used more often and longer than any other room in the house, as well as windows are often kept open to ventilate the air, which brings more dust inside. Professional hygienic specialists recommend the kitchen surfaces and floors to be weekly cleaned, floors to be vacuumed and washed wherever is required. All other kitchen appliances to be cleaned as follow:

Fridge and Freezer: You should wipe any spillages or food stains whenever you spot in the fridge. General cleaning of the fridge is good to be done once a month or when unpleasant smell appears inside. The freezers to be defrost and washed very two months. After washing with soup, water and sponge, make sure you dry all internal parts thoroughly. Never put the fridge and freezer on if they are still wet.

Oven: When you use the oven, best to wipe it out after each use so grease does not heavily build up. Deep professional oven clean we recommend at least every six months. The regular care of the oven will make it easier and more possible the oven to look as new after a deep cleaning.

Hobs: Clean any spillages from cooking immediately after it happens. Electrical ceramic hobs are much easier to be cleaned and does not require heavy chemicals and scrubbings. However gas/electrical standard type of hobs requires regular cleaning care to avoid heavy build-ups from burns and grease.

Cooker Hood: Deep scribing once a month. You should wipe it from outside every time you any splashes. Clean it internally regularly to avoid build-ups of dust and grease.

Microwave: Wipe out externally and internally anytime food splashes occur. Professional deep cleaning is recommended once a month. If possible keep the door slightly opened to avoid unpleasant smell staying inside.

Dishwasher: Deep professional clean we recommend once a month. Wipe from out and inside if you notice any food spillages. Remove any food lefts from inside after every use. At least once a week use the highest water temperature to kill all bacteria’s internally.

Some useful tips:

Regularly wipe the tiled areas especially around the cooker. To avoid the regular use of chemicals you can mix baking soda and water. The result is excellent and the cleaning solution could be used for cleaning floor tiles too. If you wish to give some shine to your floors and surfaces mix hot water with white vinegar. The solution also disinfects and is safe for people with healthy problems.


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