How to get your tenancy deposit back?

How to get your tenancy deposit back?

When you rent a property you sign a contract with landlord or with estate agency. This means you will need to pay at once just before you move in: one full rent, a deposit (another rent). The deposit is kept by the agent or landlord as a guarantee for you as a tenant in a private property. This deposit would eventually cover any minor damages in the property caused by the tenant. Also the deposit is a guarantee for the landlord, as you must give them at least a month notice prior to your leaving.

However only giving sharp notice and being correct tenant wont be enough to get your deposit back. The landlord will require from you to clean thoroughly the property. This will include a very deep cleaning of the kitchen and all appliances, all bathrooms, bedrooms, windows inside too. Carpets may be an issue if you spilled or marked them. So apart of the deep End of Tenancy Cleaning you most probably will need to book a carpet steam cleaning too. Make sure to clean everything inside, not just visibly outside. Agents will check every single corner and put a finger even in the most unexpected places. So be prepared.

A professional deep cleaning gives a big chance of having your deposit back.

Please pay attention to any minor scratches, wall marks, missed items that normally belong to the property. Broken, cracked, or missing items may reduce the possibility to have your deposit. Make sure you know exactly you have damaged so you can replace it before the check, and will certainly cost you less than your deposit.

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