Interesting Cleaning Facts and Tips

Interesting Cleaning Facts and Tips

- Most germs are located on fingertips and nails.

- Did you know: A woman cleans 12, 896 hours in her life vs men clean an average of 6, 448 hours during his lifetime.

- Iceland is the cleanest country in the world.

- Australia labelled as the dirtiest country in the developed world.

- Did you know that crosswalk buttons are among the highest germs and bacteria collectors’ objects?

- Did you know that door hoobs at your home are the dirtiest objects?

- Your kitchen and bathroom sinks collect more germs than your toilet bowl. So wash them regularly.

- 60% of dust particles are caused by dead skin flakes.

- The best antibacterial floor cleaner is vinegar.

- If you run out of antibacterial detergent you can replace it with lemon mixed with water.


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